Our Process: Why it’s Different, and Why It Matters

Gift of diversity. Pressure washing is truly a pervasive technique with many variables to consider. The trick is remaining calm under pressure. If you go too deep or impact pattern is off, blend patterns will not be in uniform. This is very common with the term more is better. More pressure, more gallons per minute, more horsepower! Pressure washing is an erosion effect: meaning you’re eroding a surface! Even cleaning concrete sidewalks, excessive pressure can be a disaster waiting to happen. Inexperience training is the root cause of this outcome. Exactly why we revamped our training program. With our system there is no guessing. We check pressure levels from the gun, not the machine. Orifice size nozzle tips match pump pressure and are discarded after every job to maintain the exact degree of PSI as indicated. Water under pressure stretches and throws off nozzle tips proper degree of cleaning. This is vital when cleaning decks and stucco. These are just a few of our many thought-out fresh thinking apparatuses to out preform beyond expectations.

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