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Stuckie Gel®  Sticks Better, Cleans Better!

We offer more because you deserve more! Like our 21-Point critical preliminary inspection that assures your property is a candidate and suitable for treatment, along with our 2-Year "No Grow" warranty on all airborne organic contaminants. 

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soft washing

   Cleans Brilliantly  

Gel Wash 

  Targets all surface areas

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first Ever!

Best Ever!

Regulated for excellence! Critiquing the erosion effect of a higher standard over the years. We learned what connects and does not connect for this professional method of cleaning.

We use  a custom made soft washing system comprised of multiple solution tanks and "low pressure" pumps to clean and rinse at minimal pressure. There are no pressure washers used in our soft washing rigs.

  Protects color vibrancy

Sustainability is the endurance of our cleaning system and process. Exactly why we strive to offer the first ever, best ever, environmentally responsible product on the market. Our proprietary cleaning agent  "Stuckie Gel" developed by our Eco-friendly chemist, delivers exceptional cleaning on all surfaces infected with biological & organic matter. 

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